[Judith Levine's work] contains a multitude of virtues: its ability to surprise both with information and with insight, the clarity of its voice, the courage of its conviction, and most of all, the respect it pays to the reality with which it is dealing.

—Los Angeles Times

Author, journalist, and columnist Judith Levine illuminates the places where politics and emotion mingle and culture and policy collide with intimate life.

As public intellectual and social justice activist, she balances a vision of the common good with a fierce defense of personal freedom.

In her work as editorial consultant to nonprofit organizations, Judith’s worldliness and catholic curiosity inform every project at every stage, from understanding the client’s intentions and values to polishing the sentences for maximum clarity and impact.

Judith’s award-winning column, Poli Psy, on emotions and politics, appears monthly in Vermont’s premier alt-weekly, Seven Days. She is also a winner of numerous prizes and honors, including the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, for Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex.

An activist for women’s and workers’ rights and sexual freedom, Judith is founder of the National Writers Union and No More Nice Girls and currently serves on the board of the National Center for Reason & Justice.

She was born in Queens, got a superb free education at City College of New York, and when she realized that poet-bicycle messenger-political pamphleteer was not a sustainable career, enrolled at the Columbia University School of Journalism. There she learned you can write about anything if you aren’t ashamed to ask a lot of stupid questions.

She lives with her partner in Brooklyn and Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, under the strict supervision of their Bengal cat, Mouschka.

In the next life, Judith hopes to come back as an Olympic Nordic skier-slash-interior decorator.